Employment Law

The field of Employment Law involves all aspects of the relationship between employers and employees and between independent contractors and their customers.   The larger field of “Employment Law” includes the smaller areas of concentration, including “Employment Discrimination,” “Labor Law,” and public employment-related “Constitutional Civil Rights.”

Examples of Employment Law services provided by Harrison Law Offices include:

  • Employment Contracts and Collective Bargaining Agreements (Reviewing, Drafting, Administration, Enforcement, Defense)
  • Employee Handbooks and Personnel Policy Manuals (Review, Drafting, Administration, Enforcement, Defense, Updating)
  • Employee Classification; Wage and Overtime Claims  (Fair Labor Standards Act; Prevailing Wage Act; Minimum Wage Law)
  • Post-Employment Restrictive Covenants (Non-compete agreements; Non-solicitation agreements; Confidentiality agreements)
  • Employment Discrimination/Retaliation (Age, Race, Color, Sex, Religion, National Origin, Disability, Union Status, Marital Status, Genetic) – (Equal Pay Act; Title VII of the Civil Rights Act; Americans with Disabilities Act; Illinois Human Rights Act; Age Discrimination in Employment Act; Pregnancy Discrimination in Employment Act; 42 USC 1981;)
  • Whistleblower Discipline/Discharge (Whistleblower Protection Act)
  • Wrongful/Retaliatory Discharge (Retaliation; Public Policy Tort)
  • Employee Discipline/Personnel File/Employment Record (Personnel Record Review Act; Employment Record Disclosure Act; Uniform Peace Officer Disciplinary Act)
  • Worker’s Compensation (Worker’s Compensation Act)
  • Occupatonal Diseases (Occupational Diseases Act)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Cases (OSHA)
  • Workplace Assault and Battery
  • Insurance and Benefits
  • Employer Defamation/Misrepresentation
  • Invasion of Privacy (Workplace privacy, eavesdropping, wiretapping, publication of private facts, intrusion upon seclusion, appropriation of name or likeness, false light claims; unreasonable search and seizure)
  • Unemployment Compensation (Unemployment Compensation Act; Local Office Determinations, Appeal Hearings; Board of Review proceedings)
  • Private/Public Pensions (Disability pension applications/hearings; appeals; Public Employee Disability Act; Illinois Pension Code)

Whether you are employed in a private business or by government, Harrison Law Offices has the experience to help you resolve any employment issue you encounter.

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