PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that certain internet criminals have stolen the identity of Harrison Law Offices and are perpetrating an elaborate internet scam.

E-mails have been sent by someone calling himself “John Marshall” to several victims in a number of States throughout the U.S.   This “John Marshall,” who may also use other names, claims to be an attorney at Harrison Law Offices, P.C., and he claims to be collecting a debt for companies such as “Cash Advance America.”  The e-mails typical include the last four digits of the victim’s social security number and often show other identifying information as well.

The e-mails attempt to get victims to send money to “Western Union” and are often very threatening.


Instead, contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at: Look  under the “scams and safety” tab, and report the matter to the FBI.  Internet fraud is a crime. If you are contacted by these criminals, please call the FBI.


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  1. Nancy Moorhead

    I looked up your law office on the internet because I received an email from John Marshall claiming to be from your law office. He threatened criminal charges for a lawsuit filed against me for a payday loan from CashNet USA. He stated your firm is representing them . Thank you for having the scam alert on your website. I am contacting the FBI regarding this matter. Being threatened with criminal charges is scary . I live in Pennsylvania and do not like being threatened over repayment of a loan I never received. Thank you very much for posting the scam alert on your website and giving instructions regarding how to report it.

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