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EMPLOYER LEGAL SERVICES:  For 25 years, Harrison Law Offices has advised and represented employers in private business and government concerning issues relating to the employment relationship.  Whether the topic is employee selection criterion, employment contracts, employee evaluation processes, EEO obligations, employee discipline and discharge, insurance, pensions, disability, retirement, unemployment, or employee benefits, Harrison Law Offices has the knowledge and experience to provide sound legal solutions to complex employment issues.  Harrison Law Offices also offers a full line of customized work rules, administrative regulations, and employment policies and procedures, for business clients to develop their own employee handbooks and policy manuals – tailored to their own specific business needs.

EMPLOYEE LEGAL SERVICES:  Harrison Law Offices has 25 years of experience advising and representing employees and unionized employees working for private businesses and government in matters relating to their employment.  Employment issues for employees often include failure to hire, employment contracts, unlawful discrimination,  discipline and discharge, insurance, disability, pensions, retirement, unemployment, non-compete agreements and other post-employment restrictive covenants, and a myriad of other issues.

If you’re an employee with an employment problem, contact Harrison Law Offices for a consultation to discuss your rights, your options, and your remedies.


If you are the owner of a business, an independent contractor, or an employee, Harrison Law Offices has the knowledge, experience and proven ability to resolve your employment concerns in a confidential and professional manner.

Whether you are an employer or an employee, Harrison Law Offices can provide the employment law services that you need.  At Harrison Law Offices we assist Employers and Employees to answer their legal questions and to resolve their legal difficulties relating to employment.  With 25 years of experience representing employers and employees in private and public employment cases, Harrison Law Offices is ready to assist you with your case.

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