Harrison Law Offices charges its clients for all time spent by its employees in furtherance of the representation of the client.  Beginning with the initial client consultation, all time spent on behalf of a client is recorded and invoiced.  Detailed invoicing is important for the client, particularly in cases where a prevailing client can later recover attorney fees from the opposing party.

At Harrison Law Offices, we are up-front about the services that we provide and the fees that we charge to provide those services, and we use a written attorney-client agreement with our clients so there are no misunderstandings.

At Harrison Law Offices, consultations start at $50.

Normal Hourly Rates

Attorney James T. Harrison:  $300.00/hour

Paralegal Services:  $150.00/hour

Investigation Services:  $150.00/hour

Clerical Services:  $75.00/hour

Initial Consultation Rates*

$50 for a 1-10 minute consultation

$100 for 11-20 minute consultation

$150 for 21-30 minute consultation

$200 for 31-40 minute consultation

$250 for 41-50 minute consultation

$300 for 51-60 minute consultation

 *Initial Consultation Fees are paid prior to the consultation.

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